Jerusalem Culture Unlimited (JCU)

Strengthening artists and arts organizations in Jerusalem, lifting up Jerusalem’s diversity, energy, and sustainability.


Jerusalem’s Arts and Culture Ecosystem

Jerusalem has abundant unique creative talent, due to its high concentration of art academies and culture institutions, plus inspiration derived from the diversity and religious, social, and political tensions intrinsic to the city. Its artists provide the city with creativity, resilience, and hope. They add to Jerusalem’s quality of life and contribute a sense of belonging, wonder, and joy, adding to the narratives of history, religion, and conflict. Living with art in our lives can transform fear into love and provide a catalyst to think differently.


JCU provides professional development training for emerging artists from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds across East and West Jerusalem, who work in all artistic disciplines. We catalyze new thinking, deliver capacity building, management tools, and skills. JCU coordinates resources and convenes artists and stakeholders to connect communities, ideas, and issues. Our goal is to raise the visibility, viability, and sustainability of Jerusalem’s arts organizations.


Artists committed to social impact

Engaging with contemporary social issues in Jerusalem and Israel at large.

Collaborative ecosystem

Creating new ways for residents and visitors to experience the city, its people, energy, and creativity as a world class cultural center.


Representing and celebrating all sectors, communities, cultures, religions, and genres in Jerusalem.

Strategic support

From international philanthropists, local stakeholders and art lovers.